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Lawless lawyers in DHA Karachi offers many lawyers in Dhaka, Lawyer in Rawal, Lawyer in Hyderabad, Lawyer in Gazipur, Lawyer in Karachi and Lawyer in Rawal etc. However, most of the clients prefer to hire a Lawyer in Dhaka, Lawyer in Rawal, Lawyer in Hyderabad, Lawyer in Karachi and Lawyer in Rawal etc. These Lawyer in Dhaka are located in and around the Commercial Street, Second Avenue, Shahid Minar, Commercial Street, Kaira Road, Shahjahan Road, Indira Nagar Road, Shahid Beheswar Road, Aziz Ansari Road, Tari Bazaar, Shahid Minar, Hidayat uloom al Arab. Most of the Lawyer in Dhaka work on the highest demand and offer their services at affordable prices. In addition, these Lawyer in Dhaka offer the best quality service for their clients.

The Law provides free consultation to its clients; however, some Law Offices charge their valuable service charges. Some other prominent Law Offices in Bangladesh have established their offices; but they are few. There is no doubt about the fact that the lawlessness in Bangladesh is not at all good for the society. But, at the same time, it is true that there are a number of Law Offices who do not practice legally within the stipulated time limit. Even the criminals cannot survive in such a case; whereas, the law-abiding people will not be charged with any crime, if they face any criminal case.

Law is an authoritative instrument to administer justice in a country; whereas, it can also bring down a person to the lowest level, as per the requirement. The criminal law exists for the execution of the criminal laws, and the civil law for the protection of the individuals and institutions. In a country, when there are law and order, there prevails respect for the law and order. Law and order are imposed not only for the protection of the criminal element, but it is also imposed for the protection of the public from violation of the law. The enforcement of law is not confined within the four walls of the courtroom; it extends to every aspect of life, including the social, cultural, educational, economic, and moral aspects of life. When the law is breached, the people suffer the damage; whereas, when the law is observed, there is hope that things will turn around for the better.

Lawyer Khumthip Chintamani (popularly known as KDrama) is considered to be the most popular and well-known Lawyer in Bangladesh. She has been practicing in Law for more than 35 years. She is considered to be the best Lawyer in Bangladesh and the country’s most successful Lawyer. It was in 1984, when KDrama started practicing her profession as a legal consultant. Her efforts are primarily focused towards promoting the rule of law in the country. She is a strong believer of non-violence and human rights.

Some famous Lawyer K Dramas are as follows: One Hundred Years’ War (onial), Bangladesh, communal riots, freedom struggle, freedom, and murder. Law and Order are perhaps the most essential issue that concerns the society. Without law and order, the country would become a dangerous place for the people. So, this is a very significant issue for all Law abiding people. Bangladesh is still trying to live up to its commitment to the concept of law and order. Although, the implementation of the law is progressing but there are many challenges to it.

Without law and order, the people would face a problem like terrorism, human trafficking, murder, rape, kidnapping, and armed robbery; and, there are many other issues that stem from it. There have been different groups that have emerged to make it their business. Some of them are; criminal gangs, illegal businessmen, political criminals, illegal drugs, prostitution, and frauds. There has been a lot of corruption in the country which is the major cause for the weakening of the country’s law system.

Law and Order: It refers to the rules and regulation of the society. There have been repeated complaints by the people about the increasing incidence of lawlessness in the society. The law enforcing agencies have failed to bring back normal life and are in complete disarray. This created a situation where there is an increasing lawlessness which is increasing causing social disorder and tension among the people.

Lawyer K Dramas helps you in understanding why is it that there is increased lawlessness in the country. When there is lack of law and order, there will be an increase in crimes against property. A criminal lawyer is the one who can help you get out of the trouble you are in. If you are arrested for any of the above said activities, then it is advised to go for an effective lawyer to fight your case. It is not only your case but this will also affect the people around you.

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