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The Law Commission of Pakistan has issued a list to the Supreme Court of Pakistan against corruption and inappropriate behavior of its lawyers. The list is called “Compact for Successful Practice of Law”. According to the document, lawyers who are members of bar associations shall be appointed for every post in the courts. The topmost officials of each and every court shall take their oaths before the Supreme Court of Pakistan while taking the oaths of the judges. In addition, they will have to swear that they will practice Law with honesty and integrity.

The list includes those members of the bar associations of various cities of Pakistan. These are the lawyers of Baluchistan, FATA, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Karachi and Urdu. However, all the lawyers on this list shall not be allowed to practice Law in any court of Pakistan. Moreover, the office of the Public Prosecutor shall be constituted for the offences committed by such members of the bar. There shall be separate cells for each and every offence registered by a member of the bar.

A lawyer having an address outside Pakistan cannot practice Law in Pakistan. Moreover, no such lawyer can act on behalf of anyone in any case unless and until he gets registered as a member of the concerned Law Practitioners Association. All the lawyers who are on the lawyer’s list of Pakistan shall be associated with the respective Bar Associations of each and every city in Pakistan. The term ‘bar’ is used to denote the division of jurisdiction between the bar and the court. Each and every citizen of Pakistan is entitled to have the opportunity to choose one of the lawyers registered with that Bar Association.

However, in some and very few cases the lawyers may be asked to appear on behalf of the complainants in the case. A judge may ask a lawyer to represent a client whose case has been refused by the court. It is a common practice that a client may be asked to meet the court and appear in case of legal crisis only. The judge may also request the attorney appearing on the behalf of the client to research the case properly so that the judge is convinced about the guilt or innocence of the client. A judge does not like to take opinions on the guilt or innocence of a person and believes that his decisions must be based on fact and evidence only.

A lawyer is not supposed to take any fee irrespective of winning or losing a case. He is liable to get the entire fee if the case gets successfully concluded. It is also important to note that in some states, the fees of an attorney are only to be received after he wins a case. In other states, the fees of the attorney are to be received even before he wins the case.

There is a provision in the law that says that only a single lawyer can represent a client in a particular case. This is referred to as the ‘lodging clause’. This provision was introduced to prevent abuse of the power of attorneys. There are many ways in which a lawyer can commit fraud and this includes accepting money for services he does not perform. Many lawyers have also been involved in the scam of overcharging clients for various services.

A list of lawyers who are very popular with the court and also with the people is called the Supreme Court of Pakistan lawyers list. These include all the chief members of the Supreme Court, the chief justice, the senior judges and all the full-court judges. The list provides information about the lawyers who are in private practice, in public practice and also those who are associated with the government. This helps the public in knowing the background of a particular lawyer before they take him on.

If you want to get in touch with a lawyer, you can contact the court directly. There are many lawyers who do not have any website and it is difficult to get information about them. You can use this option and can get the list of lawyers from the court. In case you need more help you can contact the concerned office and can ask for details about all the lawyers in your area. You can also look up their case history on internet to get the required information.

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