Importance of Lawyer Meaning in Urdu

“Lawyer meaning in Urdu” is one of the most popular lines in traditional poetry of Pakistan. The translation literally translates as: “law-yer” or “learned man”. The popularity of this line is attributed to the fact that it was the first word ever written by the pen of Moghul Shahbai, the famous maharajah of Rajasthan. The story behind “Lawyer Meaning in Urdu” is fascinating and tells about the trials, hardships and triumphs of an illiterate man who fought for justice in his day-to-day life. The lines also tell about a famous lady who became a lady by winning the hand of the emperor.

The lines in “Lawyer Meaning in Urdu” are very much rooted in the romantic story of Shah Jehan. He is an extremely famous maharaja of Rajasthan, who was known for his fairness and great wisdom. This princely state is located in the northern part of India in the country of Pakistan. There are two words in traditional Roman Urdu poetry that tell about the remarkable story of how Shah Jehan and his lady friend, Mumtaz Mahal, were seated on a white horse and were being pelted by stones from the crowd.

Hearing the cries of the people, the two turned around and saw that it was their beloved mother lying lifeless on the ground. It was a terrible scene. Their father had run towards the spot to help but the maharaja had already ordered the crowd not to harm the beautiful lady of the family. As soon as the crowd heard this cry, they ran after the people. Seeing this scene, Shah Jahan went into a rage and rushed to attack the mob, but he was stopped by his father.

Shah Jehan was given the opportunity to explain his side to his son. He explained that he didn’t want to kill his lady only so the people would stop pelting stones upon her, but he wanted to do something as a gentleman. Shah Jahan tried to convince his father to call off the wedding but his father refused. Finally, Shah Jahan decided to marry Mumtaz, the lady of his heart. Since this happened over a decade back, it’s possible that Shah Jahan meant ‘peace’ when he said these words.

Law is a big part of our society. When you’re talking about lawyers, you don’t just mean a lawyer. Lawyers are there to fight for the rights of people. The role of a lawyer is as much to advocate for the plaintiff as it is to bring about the needed justice. The case can be a small one, or an extremely huge one, but either way, the lawyer is what you call in Urdu language.

Another very important word in Pakistani Lawyer Meaning is “Chhotel”. This word literally means a court case, but in Urdu, it refers to a marriage. If you’re married, you can’t be divorced without the help of a lawyer; whether the divorce is contested or not. So, you can clearly see that lawyers play an extremely vital role in this society.

Lastly, is ‘Qisas’. This word basically means a test, which is applied to determine if a certain case is valid. In this case, a lawyer is used by both the plaintiffs and defendants to prove their case. Once the case is concluded, the plaintiff and defendant must sign the agreement in front of a judge and submit their proofs and witnesses.

All above mentioned are some of the most significant words in Pakistani Lawyer Meaning. In fact, these words have their own meanings in English as well. So, you’ll have to study these words properly if you want to understand lawyer in Urdu. A lawyer is not just a person who deal with cases, but he is also a very knowledgeable person who have all the required knowledge and skills in this field. So, before you hire a lawyer, try to understand his expertise, qualifications and the expertise that he brings to the table when he gets into a particular case.

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