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A funny lawyer quote could be a way to make you look more appealing to the bar association. This can give you an advantage as you will be regarded as more credible by your peers as you will not have a problem with revealing a few secrets from time to time. Retirement is a period in a person’s life when they have had time to take stock of their life and what they want to do with it. It’s a time to reflect on your dreams, aspirations and what you would do different if given another opportunity. A lawyer who continues to work even after retirement could be a hindrance since he or she may take up work that the client is not qualified to do. Quotes like these are meant to serve as a reminder to the lawyer to give priority to his or her clients.

Lawyers are expected to be committed to their profession throughout their lives. That means even during the last few years of practicing law there is still work to be done. Lawyers are also expected to take retirement at a certain age and for what reasons can be for these reasons. Some people opt for a comfortable retirement at the beach resorts. Others wish to go to tropical climates. There are even lawyers who prefer to live in a small village with good food.

Funny lawyer retirement quotes show that lawyers need to keep practicing. Lawyers cannot retire and then just stop doing their job. They need to continue doing it and make sure they are still sharp during their days off. Otherwise, what is the use of retirement? A good lawyer should be able to juggle several projects without falling a sweat.

Humorous retirement quotes can be found almost everywhere. You can see them in novels, magazines and the Internet. There are even web sites and blogs that have them. These are meant to make the lawyer feel great and to perk him up. Larger libraries will have a number of books where you can find humorously composed retirement speeches.

Humorous quotes come from varied sources. You can find them in newspaper articles and in the obituaries of those who have passed away. There are also stand up comedy clubs that put on plays based on legal issues. Some attorneys make up jokes to entertain the lawyers and clients in court. This is usually before a case is presented in court. It can be a good way to get the lawyers involved in some fun activities.

Lawyers have a lot of duties to perform and the last thing they would want to do is get dull. Lawyers need to make sure they keep their funny bone where they can, so that when they go to bed they can think about work or what new cases they might be handling that day. Funny lawyer retirement quotes are probably what most lawyers would be seeking out. The more humorous the speech is, the better.

If you are trying to come up with retirement quotes for yourself, you could check out law library and see what types of books they have on hand with funny stuff written about lawyers. You will probably find a few books that have plenty of great one liners that you could use in your speeches or even in court. These retirement quotes will help you look at life and law a little different and maybe even find some humor in it as well.

Lawyers make very interesting people. If you have a certain type of personality, you might want to consider using humor in your speech and in your retirement writings. Many people who have had to write personal letters or do family documents will benefit from some humor. Humor makes things easier to remember and sometimes we all need a little laugh sometimes to help us forget what is going on and move on. A few jokes from a lawyer who has gotten the most out of his career will go a long way to making people smile and have a good time.

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