How to Become a Tax Lawyer in Pakistan

With the introduction of the Universal Tax Law in Pakistan and other countries around the world, many foreigners who work and have been employed in Pakistan have asked this question “How to become a tax lawyer in Pakistan?” This is mainly because all of them are required to file tax returns and pay the requisite amount as taxes. Hence, many a time people end up making wrong decisions which further increase their tax burden. This has made them look for professional help to resolve their tax-related issues.

Many countries have laid down rules and regulations for ensuring that the tax payers get quality services and the reimbursement that are due to them is calculated properly. The consultants who offer these services are called “tax lawyers”. This field has attracted many eminent personalities including Mr. Justice I. Kapoor of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Mr. Justice M.B. Karyan of the Federal Tax Appointments Appeals Board.

How to become a tax lawyer in Pakistan is not at all a difficult task if you pursue a proper course. The first step to do so is to find out a suitable Law School that will prepare you well with the required expertise. Law courses that can help you get accreditation from the provincial or federal taxation departments or agencies are the best ones. Once you have completed your formal schooling, find a reputed and qualified institution of Law that will make you an expert in your desired field.

Once you have undergone your formal training, find out whether you wish to specialize in a specific field of expertise or if you wish to provide general legal services. The choice is yours and only you can make it. If you are interested in becoming a consultant in any legal field then you can give specialization in a specific area. It is always a good career option for the ones who are skilled and experienced. In this part of the world, specialization is always welcomed and looked forward for by many companies.

A person who wishes to work as a tax lawyer in Pakistan can either work independently or he can register himself with an organization that is specifically set up to help people like him. There are many organizations, both governmental and private, that conduct programs for these people. These programs help them to enhance their knowledge about taxes and legal issues. After enrolling, they get trained by getting hands-on experience in the field. After the completion of the training, they can either work independently or they can join the agencies.

The salary package offered to these individuals depends on their qualifications and the complexity of their job. The lawyers who have been specialized in taxation and have thorough knowledge about legal issues are sure to fetch better pay packets. Those who have just graduated but are already practicing privately are likely to earn lower salaries. Those who are already government employees and have gained entry in the government’s legal division are eligible for higher salaries.

Those who want to know how to become a tax lawyer in Pakistan can either work independently or join an agency. If an individual wants to work independently, he can pursue a course in taxation. In this course, he will be taught the basics of taxation laws and tax codes. He will also be given ample of practice while learning how to become a legal professional. In case he still does not qualify for government service, then he can go ahead and work as an agency attorney.

To find out how to become a tax lawyer in Pakistan, you need to conduct adequate research. The internet is a rich source of information. You can take tips and hints from various websites that offer advice and guidance on the subject. There are online directories as well that provide information on the same. The government also offers seminars and workshops on the same. These sessions are conducted by experts in the field and enable beginners to learn the basics of becoming a tax lawyer.

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