How to Approach a Lawyer Meaning English to Urdu for Representation?

Many people who are not Urdu speakers do not have a good knowledge of the words “lawyer” and “meaning”. So, when people ask them about Lawyer in DHA Karachi, they are not aware of the correct terminology. A lawyer is the legal representative of a client on a legal case. In legal cases, lawyers are required to defend their clients against the allegations made against them by the other party or the government. Clients come to lawyers to get legal advice so that they can defend themselves from the charges or to make changes in the legal structure of their life.

The word “lawyer” in Urdu cannot be found without “Khan”. In fact, according to some dictionaries, “Khan” is derived from Lawyer meaning English to Urdu. Thus, “Lawyer in DHA Karachi” means an attorney specializing in cases dealing with laws and criminal justice.

As per the Pakistani legal system, a lawyer is a barrister who practices in the court of law. The term “al-iyar” means attorney in Arabic. In Urdu, the word “yer” means a translator or interpreter of the legal documents. Therefore, “Lawyer in DHA Karachi” means a barrister specializing in all types of law and offering services to his clients.

There are lawyers specializing in various areas of Law like criminal cases, family cases, corporate issues, commercial cases, litigation, immigration, human rights, and family matters. There are also lawyers specializing in Law that deals with inheritance, land ownership, dowry, divorce, property, and business. There are even lawyers who deal with Talaq-e Mashriq, Shariat-udee, and private criminal cases. So, there is a specialization for each and every type of case that a lawyer handles.

Lawyers have made it easy for people belonging to any background to understand the legal process and the importance of each word. Their job is also made easy with the introduction of Online Talaq-e-Kashr or Law Online that has detailed information about each word and its significance in the legal process. This site also provides you free legal advice and information at your convenience. So, how to approach a lawyer specializing in Talaq-e-Mashr if you are from a Punjabi/ Punjab background?

The first thing you should do is search for a lawyer in Talaq-e-Kashr who is associated with an online site that offers consultation. Since the Internet is one of the best sources for research and information, it is not very difficult to find someone you can consult on your case. Make sure that the lawyer meaning English to Urdu is affiliated with a legal firm. You can check with the National Association of Consumer Defense Lawyers (NACDL) – National Commission for Credit Counseling (NCCCL) – Financial Aid & Relief Services (FASCR), etc. to see whether they are associated with any legal organizations or institutions and their terms and conditions.

Also read the terms and conditions of the site before choosing a lawyer. It should be mentioned whether the lawyer charges fees or is paid on a referral basis or is paid on a basis of the number of cases handled. There should also be details about the experience of the lawyer in Talaq-e-Kashr. Also inquire about the success ratio. A good lawyer does not have a high success ratio.

Then you can compare the fees and payment terms of different lawyers meaning English to Urdu lawyers. Some legal firms offer payment by installments, while some are ready to provide money in one lump sum. If you have more money, you can opt for a fixed rate. But if you are looking for a less expensive option, opt for monthly installments.

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