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Akhtar Hussain Jabbar is a barrister and specialist in family law, with specialising in child custody, family law, and criminal law. She has also worked as a counselor for the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Akhtar is originally from Yorkshire but has since then become a leading member of the legal team at Lincoln’s Inn. In this article we take a look at some of her services provided by the firm.

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Criminal law

Criminal law is basically the body of legislation that deals with criminal behavior.

Civil Law

Civil Law is an attorney general's court system that is based on common law jurisdictions, particularly those developed during medieval times through the efforts of barons and baronial lords.

Family Law

Family law is an area of law that primarily deals with domestic matters and family related issues.

Cyber Crime Law

The Cyber Crime Law Firm is an international law firm that concentrates on assisting corporations.

Property Disputes

A property dispute is a form of legal disagreement that usually involves real estate matters.

Financial Settlements

Financial Settlements can also be referred to as Debt Repayments.

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Attorneys must be skilled in computer law, internet law, criminal law, and other related areas and must pursue a strong defense on all fronts – from the prosecution’s arguments to the defense’s claims.


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Akhtar did a very good job of representing the women and also did quite well at the hearing of her case. However, this was not the end of the story. The next stage of the story was what happened next.

Akhtar Hussain Jabbar was then asked to handle another family law case in which the woman’s family were believed to be suffering due to the fact that they were not receiving any alimony or maintenance from the man.

This led to the wife taking steps to have the marriage between the two ruined and she subsequently brought a civil action against her husband, which resulted in them being awarded total compensation.


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Civil Lawyer

Civil Lawyer

A civil lawyer is a lawyer who deals with cases involving people’s rights.

Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is a legal professional specializing in the defense of businesses and individuals charged with criminal offense.

Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Family law is a field of the law which mainly deals with domestic issues and family related matters.

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They are very professional people. I called at their number at 11:30 pm and wow I received legal advice from them. There would be very few firms in Karachi which would exhibit such professional attitude. They are really an icon for the legal faternity. God bless them.


Shehnaz Khan

Client Firm

Akhtar Hussain Jabbar is a Nice and Intelligent Lawyer and very responsive & hard worker his enthusiastic approach in his work very beneficial for his clients.
I found friendly and professional environment in Akhtar Hussain Law Associate
Wishing Best of Luck and Success to Akhtar Hussain Law Associate


Warda Butt

Client Firm

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Lawyer in DHA Karachi Pakistan Checklist

  • Criminal Lawyer in DHA Karachi
  • Family Lawyer in DHA Karachi
  • Hire Divorce Lawyer in DHA Karachi
  • Hire Cyber Crime Lawyer in DHA Karachi
  • Get a Property Dispute Lawyer in DHA Karachi

Criminal Lawyer in DHA Karachi

If you are charged with any crime whether serious or not then it is important that you choose the services of an experienced criminal lawyer in DHA Karachi. The responsibility of a criminal lawyer in DHA is very vital and cannot be neglected. Our lawyers are well equipped with knowledge and resources to help you out in the court as well as in the back ground to resolve all types of cases.

“COMMENT:” You can always contact our solicitors and lawyers for personalised legal assistance in case of any encounter. You must be at the receiving end of such incidence and it would be important that you contact our experienced lawyers immediately after the occurrence of such incident. Your case must be reviewed thoroughly before taking any decision or action. It is always better to approach a lawyer while carrying out an investigation rather than waiting till the situation worsens.

“RESPONSE:” You have to clearly state your side of the story before the judge in the criminal case. The judge will then quote the law as well as your interpretation of the same in layman’s terms. In layman’s terms, the law clearly states what is legally wrong and what is morally right. You must clearly explain the legal consequences of your actions to the investigating officer.

“EVALUATE THE LEGITIMATE JUSTIFIAGE:” There are certain aspects of a criminal case which are open to scrutiny and discussion. There can be arguments on both sides and it is a debate which need to be thoroughly discussed before arriving at a conclusion. This can be done by you or your advocate before the court. You must not attempt to cross question the investigating officer or argue with them. You must listen and give complete attention to their explanation.

“COMMENT AND ANSWER:” The criminal law lawyer in DHA will carefully comment on the various aspects of the case and try to reach a conclusion favorable to you. They should never start contradicting each other. If they do so, the case may get delayed or dismissed.

“CHANGES IN THE JUDICY:” The criminal law lawyer in DHA will make it a point to note any changes in the law or legislation. This is very important and is a must to be done. Such changes may result in you getting an unfair opportunity to argue your case. It is wise to clarify all the points in the case as soon as possible.

“ADDITIONAL POINT:” If you think there is need to add anything to your case then you can always discuss that with the lawyer. They will inform you whether the change is mandatory or not. After discussing the issue they will sign the copy of the new addition. This will also be served to the investigating officer. Such additions are made only when absolutely required. They should be noted down on the file so that there is no confusion later on.

There are numerous other things that need to be taken care of by criminal law lawyers in DHA. They are well aware of the penal law prevailing in DHA and have all the necessary experience. In order to maximize the chances of getting a just and fair trial, they will do their best to achieve it. But, if they fail you will be the best person to step up for a claim against them.

After the discussion the lawyers will take over the case from their client and will start practicing in the court. They will argue on behalf of their clients on the basis of the evidences provided by the investigating officer. The court normally accepts the attorney’s argument and acquires the evidence for the case. This tends to be very expensive in terms of fees though. So, it is advisable to consult only an experienced and reputed law firm in DHA for starting your case in the court.

Criminal law firms are available almost everywhere. You can get information about them through your friends, relatives and newspapers. You can also check online and read reviews about law firms in DHA. You will definitely find one that has a good reputation and experience.

You will have to follow the court`s procedure after selecting a lawyer. It is important to provide all the details about yourself so that you can get the right kind of attention. Don`t hire the first defense attorney who approaches you and offers you a cheap rate. Talk to at least three more lawyers before hiring one for handling your criminal case.

Family Lawyer in DHA Karachi

“Family Lawyer in DHA Karachi” is an online legal directory that helps you find an experienced family lawyer and also provides you with the necessary information on how to hire such a lawyer. “Family Lawyer in DHA Karachi” is operated by Riazgar Ahmed, a highly qualified and experienced family lawyer who holds a Master of Laws degree from Azhar University. Riazgar served as a clerk in the Federal Court, Islamabad. He is a member of Pakistan Bar Association and is an active member of Federation of Bar Associations of Pakistan. He enjoys the respect and admiration of his peers and has a good network of family and friends.

“Family Law in DHA Karachi” provides you with the necessary guidance on how to approach a legal case, how to build your case and what are the important documents that you need to prepare before approaching a judge. It helps you find the right lawyer who can represent you well in the court. The website provides accurate details on the family law courts in various districts of Pakistan. Once you become a member you will get access to all the details as well as full updates of cases filed in the courts. You will also receive relevant information on the procedure to follow in various provinces.

“Family Law in DHA Karachi” is an ideal source for finding a family lawyer if you have to change laws for any reason. Riazgar Ahmed Ghazi, a leading family law expert and barrister is considered as a leading family law specialist in the city. He provides free legal advice on family-related issues and can also help you find the best lawyer in the market. If you have a good relationship with him, you can even ask him to take your case to court. You will be able to get the necessary assistance during this time.

“Family Law in DHA Karachi” provides details on various legal issues pertaining to marriage, divorce, adoption, alimony, child custody and so on. There is a complete list of lawyers who practice Family Law in DHA Karachi. These include the family attorneys, public defenders, immigration attorneys, corporate lawyers, women attorneys, family court judges, High Court judges, barrister’s attorneys, family law counselors, etc.

All the details and information you want regarding family law are given clearly in this website. You can even cross-reference a lawyer’s experience by going through his reviews and client feedback. Once you are satisfied with the legal services provided by a lawyer you can send queries to him.

Pakistan’s Family Law is divided into various branches and areas. The Federal Family Law, Civil Law, Family Code and Family Administration Law are the different branches of family-related legal matters. They are specialized in providing their services to women, men, young and old. They can help you when you encounter any type of legal problem related to family, domestic concerns and so on. They can also help you if you are a victim of any type of accident or injury at your workplace. They can also represent you in your personal matters like when you file for divorce or other legal suits.

A good lawyer should be able to assist you from the smallest detail till the final outcome of your case. He should know how to deal with the opposing party, how to deal with the judge and the court officials. They must also have the capability to handle all the intricacies associated with family-related matters like child custody, financial matters and so on. Good Lawyers will also have excellent communication skills and great negotiation abilities to help their clients settle their cases in a very short span of time. The legal fees of a Lawyer is one of the most important things to consider before hiring one.

In recent years, online services are becoming widely available to help people search for good Lawyers. These services are usually available free of cost and provide a fast and easy way to find a Lawyer suited to your needs. Most of the well known law firms now have an online presence through which clients can easily obtain their required information.

Hire Divorce Lawyer in DHA Karachi

Seeking help from a lawyer is not enough when you are going to get divorced. You have to make sure that the person who will represent you is a very good and capable lawyer. But since there are so many law firms in Pakistan, the choice of the right and most competent one is very difficult to accomplish. Therefore, this is why I will be sharing with you the ways on how to choose the best divorce law firm in DHA Karachi.

You have to do your research. Research must begin with getting a referral from your friends and relatives. If you can’t get a referral from them, then try to search on the internet. But keep in mind that you must select the best divorce law firm in DHA Karachi based on the review and feedback of the people who were referred by your family and friends. It is also necessary to check whether the firm has a proven track record on fighting cases of divorce and family problems.

Once you are done with your research, then it is important that you must ask for referrals from various lawyers. The best way is to personally call the lawyers and ask them about their services and their fee. This is because if the lawyer does not have an affordable fee, then he/she is not suitable to represent you in a divorce case. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask the lawyer about their fees and the type of law they are specialized in.

Referrals are not enough but you must personally visit the offices of the law firms. You can conduct a personal interview with the legal counsel. In this way you can get more information about the case and about the lawyer. You must try to determine the expertise of the lawyer by talking and discussing with him. You must know if he has experience in dealing with the same case or not.

Secondly, you must make a note of the case details. This is very important as these documents will be required during the initial stages of the litigation. If you do not have proper records then you might end up losing valuable evidence and this can go in favor of your spouse. Therefore, it is very essential to collect all the required documentation for the divorce case.

Thirdly, you must make sure that the firm provides a free initial consultation. This will help you know if you are comfortable working with them or not. You should try to gather sufficient information about their practices and their experience level. Before making the final decision, you can meet the professionals face-to-face and discuss your situation. You can collect references from the past and make sure that you are satisfied with the work done by them.

Fourthly, you must have a clear idea about the type of compensation your spouse is entitled to receive. During the settlement negotiations, it is important to have an idea about the agreed amount. This can be crucial in future proceedings and can affect your future lifestyle. If you want to save your relationship, then you should focus on the issues that are important to you. The divorce proceedings may last for many years and you should not take this loss lightly.

You can hire a Divorce Lawyer In DHA to fight for your divorce case. There are numerous benefits if you choose to do so. There are many qualified lawyers available but there are some who might be better at handling certain cases than others. It is very important to get the right expert who can guide you through the entire process. If you want to win the case, then it is advisable to hire a competent and experienced Divorce Lawyer In DHA.

Hire Cyber Crime Lawyer in DHA Karachi

Every day, innocent people are harmed and their lives are ruined by organised cyber crime rings and their associates. These criminals use various criminal activities like malware, phishing, identity theft, online scams, and other black hat practices to damage or destroy the reputations of their victims and their businesses. These criminals have neither respect for human rights nor due process. This is why hiring qualified, experienced and effective cyber crime lawyers in DHA Karachi is very crucial.

When your computer and other electronic gadgets, documents and personal properties are lost or stolen, you need to contact a qualified and experienced lawyer. You can start your search for a qualified law firm by looking for listed professionals in internet. Most of these law firms are experts in cyber cases and they are capable of representing you in your case. Look for law firms that are associated with leading litigation and law firms. You can find all the required information on their websites.

There are several reasons why law firms should be hired to represent clients who have been victimized by cyber crime. First, if you don’t get the services of qualified and experienced lawyers, your case may not get resolved properly. Secondly, it is your legal right to hire a cyber attorney from a reputed law firm. In the present times, the growth of cyber crime is growing tremendously. Hundreds of thousands of websites are cropping up every day and most of them are fraud sites.

As the internet continues to grow, these sites are targeting innocent people who are unaware of the cyber crimes. They entice them into giving personal and confidential information, which they steal. Thousands of these websites take advantage of the vulnerable people’s innocence. So, it is advisable to hire experienced and qualified lawyers to fight cyber crime cases.

If you have been accused of cyber crime, it is important that you know your rights before you proceed with a settlement or trial. It is important that you understand the concept of Internet law to hire cyber crime lawyer in DHA. According to the federal government, cyber crimes are any type of criminal activity conducted via the World Wide Web. This includes hacking, fraud, theft, harassment, use of computer malware, scams and other related activities.

Before selecting a law firm to represent you in a cyber lawsuit, it is essential to check whether they are experienced in handling such lawsuits. This is important because the lawyer you choose should have sufficient experience working with clients who have been accused of criminal activities through the internet. The lawyer should also have adequate knowledge about the laws of different countries. Your attorney should therefore be able to explain to you the whole scenario and help you understand your situation better.

Before you hire cyber crime lawyer in DHA, you need to ensure that he has plenty of experience in dealing with cases dealing with cyber offenses. If possible, you should ask for the opinions of former clients. You can also search for reviews regarding his services on different legal blogs and review websites. Once you are satisfied with his service, you can hire him for the case.

There are a number of advantages of hiring a DHA lawyer when you are involved in a cyber crime case. In fact, the lawyer will be able to help you get maximum compensation if found guilty. For instance, you might have heard about people getting huge sums as compensation for hacking. However, you cannot expect such an amount from a court, unless you have adequate knowledge about the laws related to cyber crime. Hire a reputed law firm in DHA and get maximum justice for your ordeal.

Get a Property Dispute Lawyer in DHA Karachi

Property Dispute is an area of the law where expertise is required and getting a Property Dispute Lawyer in DHA is not that difficult. Property Disputes is a case when a person feels he has a right to claim compensation for whatever reason. A case can range from a building collapse to a divorce to a misunderstanding. However, a suitable lawyer for your case is a must for proper guidance and successful outcome.

There are different firms in Pakistan that help people with cases of all kinds. These firms have lawyers who specialise in various fields. Getting a Law Firm in Defence Karachi is a great way to get the kind of expert guidance you need in your case. These firms have a team of lawyers who work together as a team to help you resolve all kinds of disputes as they are all experts at the law.

They help you take up the case as quickly as possible. However, it is also important to note that this does not mean that they are incompetent or cannot help you. All lawyers are only human and while some excel in certain fields, others excel in others. Hence, you should ensure that you find the lawyer who is able to handle your case well and to fight your corner. Some lawyers can only help you if the case is strong so ensure you get an experienced lawyer who is able to fight your corner and win the case.

The team at the law firm will help you get the best compensation. They will collect evidence, conduct research on your behalf and then work on your case to get you the best possible compensation. It is important that you do not forget that the law firm is there to get you justice. Therefore, you should not be afraid to pay for their services as they are there to help you get the money you deserve.

There are many advantages of getting the case handled by someone who knows the law. This is because they will know how best to approach and deal with the different authorities at the same time. They will also be able to fight your case for you and get you the best possible compensation. The best part is that their expertise and experience will go a long way in helping you make a convincing argument for your case. This means that your opponent will have to work harder to discredit your case and get you reduced compensation.

When you are looking for a property dispute lawyer in DHA, it is advisable to choose a firm that is near you. This will help them get access to your house when you are not there. The firm should also be able to help you settle your case in the shortest period of time. For instance, if you do not want to go to court, the firm can advise you on whether or not to go to court or negotiate with your landlord. If it is safe to do so, then you can avoid the long process of going to court and spending a lot of money on your attorney. If you are able to reach an agreement outside of the court system, then it will also save you a lot of time and money.

You also need to ensure that the firm you choose offers good legal advice. Before you get a property dispute lawyer in DHA, you should be sure that you understand the process and the laws which govern the rental agreement between you and your landlord. Not only should you get a good lawyer, but you should also ensure that he or she has sufficient legal knowledge and experience in dealing with similar cases. Only someone who knows what they are doing will have the right answers when you ask for advice. They should also be able to advise you on the best course of action to take in case a problem arises.

Property managers and owners often have a difficult time getting tenants to rent their properties. If you are experiencing this kind of problem, then you may want to get a property dispute lawyer in DHA to represent you. There are many different firms that offer such services. Some of them are better than others. Be sure to research each one thoroughly before choosing a firm that will handle your case.