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There has been a lot of debate on whether the video gaming industry is a monopoly by any one particular group or not. The argument revolves around the fact that there are already too many consoles, computers, and other forms of technology out there already. While it is true that there are a lot of people who like to play video games, there are also those who do not. This gives the video game industry a rather difficult time trying to find new ways to keep up with the demand of more gamers each passing day.

One thing that can help the video gaming industry keep itself afloat is if there is competition in the market. Right now, Nintendo is the only major company that makes console games strictly for the home market. There are others, such as Sony and Microsoft, but they do not have the marketing budget or the power that comes from a gaming store in every town. There are those, however, who are making games for both the home and the office that are more technologically advanced than Nintendo. This is why Nintendo needs to find ways to create games that will be appealing to those who are not interested in playing video games in their homes, but also those who do.

The pros about this part of the industry are that Nintendo is a relatively young company with a lot of potential. They have a system that is already sold out everywhere in the country, and they have a very dedicated fan base who have purchased games in bulk. While there are some cons to it as well, such as not enough titles to keep everyone interested, Nintendo is doing what they can to remedy that problem. With the help of gamers, they will keep making new games that will please everyone.

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