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Lawyer average salary in Pakistan is $178,000 per annum. This is the highest among all the countries. But the highest lawyer salaries in other countries are not as high as this. So, for a lawyer to earn an average salary in Pakistan he should have some other expertise and merit apart from being a lawyer.

The salary of a lawyer will depend upon his performance. He can earn an average salary in Pakistan by putting in twenty years of service. If he has accomplished all this then he will be eligible for an increase in salary. A lawyer who wants to get more money can be an expert lawyer or he can be an expert on certain issues like taxation, criminal law and corporate law.

If you want to earn an average lawyer salary then you have to be very bright and sharp. The number of years of experience of a lawyer also matters. Most of the elite law firms of the world have their lawyers who have been practicing for 20 years or more. Lawyers who have a lot of experience earn more because they can charge higher rates.

There are certain attorneys whose fees are always high. These include the lawyers who work for big multinational corporations. These attorneys earn more because they deal with large companies and international business lawyer average salary is a bit higher than that of local attorneys. Attorneys who deal with criminal law earn more than the others. A criminal law attorney median salary can earn you anywhere between six thousand to ten thousand dollars depending upon the area in which he works.

Private investigators earn more than lawyers. But if you want to become successful as a private investigator then you need to complete additional training and obtain a license from the state. There are various states across US where you can get a license to work as a private detective. Private investigators with at least five years of experience can command six figure lawyer average salaries.

Experience level is another important factor that is considered by many when they conduct a salary comparison. Lawyer salaries vary from state to state. An attorney practicing in a major city may earn considerably more compared to a lawyer practicing in a smaller town. You can easily understand the difference when you conduct a salary comparison between an attorney practicing in Connecticut and an attorney practicing in Texas.

If you are looking for a job as a legal consultant or a housing counselor then you will have to have a legal consultant experience level. Contract attorney jobs are highly competitive and you have to have a broad knowledge about the legal system. Housing counseling usually demands that you have at least three years of experience in a similar position. To become a housing counselor, you need to be certified by the American housing counseling association. Apart from this, you also need to complete a course in human behavior. You can either join any of the leading institutes of higher learning or get training in a practical program run by a reputable institute.

The last two positions mentioned above are the maximum salaries that lawyers in these fields can earn. Salaries of public attorneys are lower as compared to the private attorney’s salaries. The reason is that the public prosecutor’s office costs more money to operate as compared to private law firms. Although there are other complexities involved in a criminal case, but if you keep all the factors mentioned above in your mind then you will definitely get the best possible lawyer average salary after you do your research work.

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