Famous Lawyers of Pakistan

What makes a famous lawyer in Pakistan? Law is a very specialised branch of the general engineering of science. It has been used for settling legal disputes since a long time ago. A famous lawyer in Pakistan can be described as someone whose services are well-regarded in the society, who has an outstanding reputation in the court and who practices in a high-quality way.

In this article we will discuss how we can recognise famous lawyers in Pakistan. We shall also see how these famous lawyers can be located. Lawyers are divided into different categories, for example there are family lawyers, criminal lawyers, labour lawyers, senior management lawyers etc. All the lawyers mentioned above can specialize in one or more specialized areas. For instance, if an American wants to hire a Pakistani labour attorney to fight his case in an American court, he will hire a labor lawyer from a renowned law firm. Similarly, if an American wants to sue a Pakistani business owner for not giving proper notice to his employees, he will hire an employment lawyer from a famous law firm based in Pakistan.

Now let us move ahead and find out some famous lawyers from Pakistan. As already mentioned, Pakistan is a major nation and many famous lawyers have gained international fame and honour. For example, it is very famous that an Indian lawyer named Ama Raja Dhir Singh won the hearts of millions when he represented his fellow countrymen in the famous case of partition of India. There is another interesting case related to partition where an American lawyer by the name of George Brown won an equal right for a compensation claim made by an Indian woman after her husband was killed in an explosion at a Pakistan factory. Another famous lawyer from Pakistan is Shamshad Tahir, who represented both the government and opposition in the Musharraf case.

Apart from these famous lawyers, there are numerous other individuals who have become famous for defending their rights and fighting for the causes of common people. For example, lawyer Javed Chishti Buttal has become internationally renowned because of his successful campaigns for freedom for people from Kashmir and other places. He has also made contributions towards the betterment of education for girls in Pakistan. There are many more such examples and it is for the benefit of common people that we mention the names.

Besides these famous lawyers, there are numerous other professionals who have also made significant contributions to the society. As an example, there is an attorney named Noora Khahari who became famous through her television shows on the legal profession and also as the first female judge in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. There is Saleh Bokhachy who became the first ever human rights defender of Pakistan. There is Ghulam Murtaza, who was awarded the Padma Jayanti. Finally, there is Hanif Alvi who became the first ever candidate from Baluchistan province to represent Pakistan in the UN election.

All these famous lawyers of Pakistan are represented by their own reputations in the society. It is true that their professional reputations are as prestigious as any other professional reputations. This is primarily because they work for the interests of common citizens and so their contributions have a greater weightage than their personal ones.

All this brings us to the question of who are we going to believe? If we are to believe common people then we should take the opinion of people who are popular as well as famous. We should listen to what they say about their heroes and them whom they blindly follow. The same way, we should take the opinion of professionals like Atta Muhammad Zakir Naik. We can even read the blogs written by him about important issues.

In this way we will be able to judge them better. We would also be able to judge whether their claims are all true or not. We will also be able to evaluate the knowledge and the skills of famous lawyers of Pakistan. We must remember that there are many as well as powerful lawyers in Pakistan but as a citizen of Pakistan we must remember that we are the rulers and we will also be responsible when someone proves to be a fraud.

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