Criminal Law – Factors Affecting Criminal Lawyer Salary in Pakistan

Criminal lawyers make a hefty amount of money in Pakistan. This is because they are entrusted with the responsibility of handling criminal cases of different ranges. Their services are required across the country for various court cases and police investigation activities. Some law firms also provide extra marital affairs counseling to those who are accused of adultery or for those who are having a bad relationship outside marriage. The role played by these attorneys is crucial especially in counter-insurgency operations where targeting criminal organizations try to infiltrate the security forces and eliminate suspected opponents.

As compared to other profession, the salary of a private attorney practicing in civil law is much higher. This is because civil law does not have as many laws that deal with criminal cases. The role played by the attorneys is also different and complex as compared to that of a prosecutor in a criminal trial. Private law firms in Pakistan tend to hire associates and experienced lawyers from outside the country for their staff. These associates and experienced lawyers are paid on a performance-based scale and this is one of the factors that contribute to the huge salary packages offered to them.

The criminal lawyer salary in Pakistan is calculated on the basis of the experience and the years of practice. Therefore, it is not surprising if a fresh graduate Lawyer in DHA Karachi is paid more than experienced attorney working on a huge criminal case. The fact that these professionals have to fight difficult cases and have to acquire courtroom skills that are unique and seldom seen anywhere else in the world makes their salaries high.

The lawyers of Pakistan work on a contractual basis and therefore, there is no fixed legal salary. The amount of compensation is decided after negotiations between the lawyer and the client’s legal representative. Salaries offered by law firms vary according to rank and reputation of the attorney. The best law firms are also known to pay a good amount of retainers.

In order to secure a better salary, the candidate should have sound educational qualifications and experience. For criminal cases, the candidate will have to clear the state bar exam and pass the test for criminal justice. If the candidate is successful in clearing the state bar exam then the salary offered by the law firm becomes attractive.

A professional who has expertise in handling criminal cases will be able to find a niche in the rapidly growing legal industry of Pakistan. Criminal law is one of the fast growing fields of the law industry in Pakistan. This is attributed to the fact that the crime rate is on the rise and the creation of such a lucrative market has led to the introduction of a number of specialized criminal defense lawyers. An aspiring criminal lawyer salary in Pakistan can be secured through joining the Law Society of Pakistan or a Law Company. Both the organisations offer competitive services to its members.

The Law Commission of Pakistan is the apex body responsible for regulating the activities of lawyers. Its proceedings are not without controversy, as it is accused of suppressing many unethical practices by the lawyers. However, this institution is instrumental in ensuring criminal lawyer salary in Pakistan. The law society of Pakistan also requires all licensed lawyers to register with them. Apart from this, the lawyer needs to take examinations to ensure his qualification for practice in the field.

In order to get the best criminal lawyer salary in Pakistan, the applicant must also be eligible for the same. It is important to note that these laws are very complex and difficult to understand. Hence, a person who wishes to practice in this field should be well versed with the intricacies of criminal law. The person can also take help from any of the reputed legal journals and magazines for finding out information regarding the salary of criminal lawyers in various cities across Pakistan. This would also help the prospective legal practitioner to know about the specialization in criminal law that suits him. Once a person is equipped with knowledge, he can easily pick up a practice in this field and establish himself as one of the most talented attorneys practicing in the country.

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