Corporate Law Firms Meaning In Urdu

The corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu is “ikhrasi” which literally means a corporation. It was the British and their corporations that were prominent in industry. The word “ikhrasi” is derived from “kh” for an hour and “rasi” meaning iron or steel. Thus, in Urdu, we find the corporate lawyer meaning as the iron or steel industry.

The corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu cannot be confused with the common law corporate law. In fact, the common law corporate law is actually considered as the corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu. The corporate lawyers are specialized in the area of law firms in corporate sectors. These corporate lawyers work for the major multinational companies. They deal with all kinds of legal problems that may arise in relation to their clients.

The corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu is “Shura” which literally means the council or advice. This corporate body does not make decisions but it makes suggestions for the future projects and performance. The shirt is an advisory board to the CEO or the Chief Executive Officer or the company’s shareholders. The shirt is responsible for maintaining the corporate image and public profile.

An expert corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu is also referred to as an “ias”. A specialist in this field has to have the ability to understand the corporate sector thoroughly. This lawyer is an expert in corporate law and corporate governance. He/she analyzes various cases that come across his/her desk. He/She also acts as an adviser for the company’s directors and shareholders. These lawyers are associated with the major multinational companies and large business houses.

In Pakistan, corporate lawyers are highly regarded as they have to deal with all kinds of corporate issues. These lawyers form the corporate bar association for the purpose of defending the interests of corporate professionals. The corporate law and corporate governance are a very important subject for these lawyers meaning in Urdu, they study this matter extremely well.

Corporate lawyers meaning in Urdu are very familiar with the business laws of different provinces. Therefore, their work helps them in providing good services to their clients. There are many corporate lawyers meaning in Urdu who specialise in different fields and offer different types of legal advice to their clients.

Another corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu is the corporate administrator. This person is an employee of the company. The corporate administrator has the duty of looking after the financial matters of the company. He also has to look after the day to day management and operations of the company. These administrators are appointed for long term services by the companies.

One other corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu is the corporate controller. This person is the accountant or corporate manager of a company. He usually has the responsibility of ensuring that the financial records of the company are maintained and updated. He also ensures that the company pays the employees on time.

Corporate attorneys meaning in Urdu can also be corporate administrators (cleric). They are usually appointed by the company in order to take care of its affairs. They have the duty of ensuring that the company’s transactions are carried out in accordance to the stipulated rules and regulations of the company. Corporate law firms specialise in corporate law and are very experienced in handling corporate cases.

Corporate lawyers meaning in Urdu are specialized lawyers who deal with corporate laws. Therefore, they deal with all the legal aspects of corporate issues. Some corporate law firms specialise only in corporate transactions. These firms specialise in corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, corporate taxes, corporate finance, acquisitions and divestiture. Corporate lawyers also deal with different issues of confidentiality of corporate secrets and trade secrets.

Other corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu words are corporate secretaries. These are people whose main responsibility is to draft documents of different kinds for the purpose of official communication. Corporate secretaries are also known as press secretaries. Their main job is to prepare conference minutes, release details of official announcements, draft press releases and prepare speeches for different corporate gatherings. They also help the management team of a multinational corporation to maintain smooth relations with the media and to present their case in an impressive manner. Corporate attorneys mean in Urdu when these corporate secretaries or press secretaries are lawyers or legal advisers.

Corporate lawyer meaning in Urdu is very important because corporate matters are quite confidential and cannot be discussed openly in the media or in meetings of different corporate business entities. A corporate attorney ensures that the transaction concerned is performed in the correct way and in the interest of the whole company. He ensures that the company is legally represented and is fulfilling all the legal formalities in the right manner. Hence, corporate law firms are very much in demand and highly preferred by all corporate business entities.

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