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Recently there has been an increase in the number of lawyers of Pakistan working on cases associated with terrorism and human rights abuses. A number of these lawyers work independently but most of them are associated with a firm or a lawyer organization. There have been a number of complaints and debates regarding the relationship between lawyers of Pakistan and lawyers of USA and those from India. These complaints range from the lack of knowledge about their business practices to charging too high for their services. The question that arises is that doing these lawyers really deserve our respect?

Well, let us discuss this issue in a broader perspective. Lawyers of Pakistan and lawyers of USA have both made it big and established reputations in the field. However, it does not mean that either of these professions are perfect. Both Pakistani and American lawyers may lack skills that are required in a case study or negotiating with the other party. This is the main reason why it is necessary to find a lawyer of the country you are resident in to do case studies on your behalf.

The other important thing is that a lawyer of Pakistan can never be compared with those of USA. Pakistan lacks expertise in national security law as compared to USA. This is the main reason why most of the cases that are filed in Pakistan end up in US district courts or the US supreme court. It is only after the completion of case studies that lawyers of Pakistan finally become known in Pakistan.

However, we cannot deny the fact that most of the cases filed by Pakistani lawyers are lost in the lower court. Lack of expertise is one of the reasons for this. To overcome this problem, it is advisable that you hire a lawyer of Pakistan who has undergone case studies and worked successfully on cases related to terrorism, human rights abuses, terrorism financing and intelligence operations.

The best way to find a lawyer in Pakistan who practices in your area is through recommendations from friends, relatives or colleagues. You can also look for them online through prominent search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Once you have shortlisted some of these lawyers, you should visit their official website and read the profile of the lawyer. Read the details thoroughly to understand his professional history. After going through the profile carefully, if you feel comfortable, you can contact him to schedule an interview. At the interview, you should find out about his work experience and success in the field.

After the interview, you should ask questions pertaining to his past cases to assess his capability and efficiency. If possible, you can even request for his case studies and testimonials to evaluate his performance. A successful lawyer always puts his work reputation on display. For instance, if he has represented terrorists, then he will certainly work hard to get his name cleared from all accusations. The experience, the success, the quality of work and the way one communicates are some of the things that you should consider while hiring a lawyer.

After evaluating the lawyers of Pakistan, you can go for the most suitable one or should negotiate for the one who offers you the cheapest rate. If you have selected a lawyer in the Pakistani Lawyers of Pakistan, then he will guide you throughout the process. In addition to that, you should communicate with him regularly so that you know about his professional relationship. It is important that you discuss the fees, payment terms, payment cycles and other important issues. This communication process will help you avoid any delays in the process of taking legal actions against the terrorists.

In the Pakistani Lawyers of Pakistan, you will also find a lot of support for the victims of terrorism. Since the government does not provide any compensation to them, the lawyers of this law firm to try their best to help them. The lawyer will also explain to them the whole legal procedure and their rights and help them get compensated.

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