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Lawyer ranks in Pakistan are governed by the Bar Association of Pakistan. It has jurisdictions over all the practicing lawyers in Pakistan with specialties in several fields of law. These lawyers are members of provincial and local Bar Associations. They are expected to be knowledgeable about their field of specialization and their responsibilities as a member of the Bar.

All Pakistani lawyers are required by law to be licensed by the Bar and also to be associated with a Clinic which is managed and supervised by the Bar. The Bar Association of Pakistan issues licenses for lawyers to undertake different kinds of legal practices. These lawyers are supposed to have cleared the required competence tests for their specialty.

There are many institutions which rank lawyer ranks in Pakistan. Some of them are the Law Institute of Pakistan, the Law Society of Pakistan, the Law Commission of Pakistan etc. The Law Commission of Pakistan awards the lawyer of honour and the lawyer ranks in Pakistan. These organizations also rank other lawyers. The Law Institute of Pakistan and Law Society of Pakistan are the two leading and oldest institutions for the training of lawyers. They also provide certificate courses in the field of legal education.

The Islamabad Bar Association ranks the lawyers of Pakistan. They include all the lawyers of different specializations. There is a separate body for the promotion, advancement and the advancement of lawyers. The other institutions that rank lawyer ranks in Pakistan are the barristerie junks and the Bar Council.

There are many organizations which rank lawyer ranks in Pakistan. One of these is the Lawyer Recruitment and Conducting Board. The Bar Council of Pakistan also ranks the lawyers in Pakistan. They include all the lawyers who have passed the minimum requirement for eligibility for practice. The other important organization that ranks lawyers in Pakistan is the Federation of Law Associations and the Law Society of Pakistan.

All these organizations encourage the growth of the lawyers in Pakistan. The Bar Council of Pakistan helps the aspirants to take the initial steps towards practicing. Once they clear the preliminary examination, they can proceed to the next step which is the registration of their name with the Bar Council. Once the name gets registered with the Bar Council of Pakistan, they get an affiliation to it, which is done by requesting the Bar Council to register the name with them.

The lawyers of a specific bar can be connected or associate lawyers. This affiliation gives them the same status as that of an associate. The lawyers of a specialized lawyer firm are referred as specialist lawyers. Specialization in any field is called specialization. There are various specializations in the legal field.

A person may be specialized as Accomplice, Attorney, Barrister, Counselor, etc. all these are again divided into specific specialized categories. These categories of legal professionals play an important role in the constitution of the justice system of a country. In United States of America the Bar Association and the American Bar Association are the two main regulatory bodies which regulate the activities of lawyers in the country. Pakistan Legal Services Commission (LSC) is a government body which governs the functioning of lawyers in the country. Overall, these arrangements help lawyers to provide effective service to their clients.

All the lawyers have to pass through the set of examinations called bar examination. Bar Examination involves a written test and oral examination conducted by a trained examiner. These exams are conducted to assess the lawyer’s knowledge and ability to handle the cases related to the legal profession. The graduates from any specialized law school to get the license to practice Law after passing the examination successfully.

Lawyer’s find it easy to find jobs as there are many firms and organizations who hire and train them for the service provided by lawyers. Many corporate companies are also looking for lawyers for specialized services. Many government departments also hire lawyers on contract basis.

A professional lawyer can choose to specialize in any field of law like estate, criminal, civil, corporate, family, marital, commercial, family law, labor/ employment, business, financial, immigration, litigation, real estate, trust accounting, probate and so on. There are many more fields of specialization where the graduates can find better prospects. With the growing need for legal services throughout the country, the demand for qualified lawyers is on the increase. Lawyer ranks in Pakistan are expected to grow in the coming decade.

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