A lawyer or attorney is someone who practices law, specifically, attorney in law, lawyer in law, civil lawyer, barrister, bar-on-law, civil law judge, and notary. Lawyers are also said to be a person having the power or capacity to practice law and to perform the duties required of a lawyer. Lawyers are licensed by the state to practice. A lawyer is also expected to acquire specialized training and follow rules related to professional misconduct.

There are many types of lawyers that you may encounter in your lifetime, such as a criminal defense lawyer, corporate lawyer, family lawyer, fraud lawyer, real estate lawyer, litigation lawyer and so on. You will definitely come across various different kinds of lawyers once you decide to practice law. It is however, important that you choose only the ones who are best suited for helping you resolve your case and for ensuring that your rights are protected.

In the United States alone, there are approximately 8 million lawyers practicing law today, with the number increasing each year. Most lawyers are active during all seasons, although some specialize in only certain areas of the law. Famous lawyers include Anthony Buzan, John Edwards, Edward M. Kennedy and many others. Many lawyers offer a free initial meeting free of charge to potential clients so as to help them get to know them and to determine if they could be a good attorney for them to hire. You should, therefore, do your research to ensure that you hire only the best lawyers who are well equipped to deal with your legal matters.

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